Visitor Center

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Nevo Winery’s Visitor Center was built with unique design characteristic of the area, with a pleasant and intoxicating atmosphere and a warm personal touch.

The uniqueness of the hospitality at the Nevo Winery is the experience of the combination between the talent of making quality wines and people who really love to host.
The hospitality is warm, where the winery owners take an active part in hosting while telling the fascinating story of the establishment of the winery.
At the visitor center you will have a special experience full of rich and high-quality styles, starting with a professional tour of the wine cellar, an explanation of the wine production process and then continue on to a culinary experience in an enchanting atmosphere.
Alongside the winery’s wines we offer a variety of accommodation options ranging from wine tasting alongside light snacks, dairy meals, fish meals and various meat meals – everything is entirely home cooked on the Taboon.

We invite you to come and stay with us – we guarantee you an entertainment and hospitality experience that will leave you wanting more…
The visitor center is designed for groups of 10-60 people.
Winery tours and wine tasting at the visitor center – are also designed for individuals and couples
There is advanced means of multimedia in the visitor center to allow you to create the perfect event.
Plenty of parking
Suitable for family events, work events, business meetings, board meetings, social events, small luxurious events, birthday parties and more…
The visitor center is open during the week by appointment, Kosher, the visitor center is not open on Saturdays and Holidays

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