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The bottles of wine grow in the vineyard with lots of love, spirit and joy.

The vines are planted at an altitude of 700 meters in a special vineyard and are treated with extra care. This area is ideal for growing wine grapes, combining the warm sun, cool nights, mineral-rich soil and adequate rainfall. Using a special growth method, in which the grapes are diluted and aired, allowing the winemaker to pay special attention to each and every cluster. This growing method makes a more concentrated fruit with rich flavors and bright colors, which ensures production of high quality and long lasting wines. The grapes are harvested in the early morning when they reach phenolic ripeness and desired concentration level.

After carefully sorting the grapes they are separated by series and then go through a gentle crushing. They then go in to 5 weeks of fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, while being stirred frequently with the skins in order to extract maximum colors and flavors. The wine is then put in French oak barrels for aging in the cellar.

The winemaking is done by manual labor with the help of advanced technology, which combines an old world and new world.

2012 Harvest

This year was wonderful and blessed in every way - perfect temperatures and desirable amounts of rainfall. With a cold winter the vines sank in to a deep coma during which they gained strength, by the time blossom-time came around the fruit was at its peak. The fruit reached ideal ripeness and had the perfect balance between acidity and concentration. The grapes were harvested manually and brought to the winery in the early morning. The long cold fermentation resulted in optimal extraction of color and flavor of the fruit, giving the wine depth and body.

2011 Harvest

The year 2011 looked promising, with average temperatures and desirable amounts of rainfall. The heatwave which struck the vineyard a month before harvest caused the grapes to reach the desired level of sweetness prematurely. The fruit had not yet fully ripened but due to the concentration level, it was decided to harvest a little earlier than planned. Despite this, the same year produced wonderful wines at Nevo Winery, endowed with aromatic smells, wonderful rich flavors and bold colors. The wine matured for 18 months in French oak barrels and a great deal of thought has gone into them so they can suit any meal.

2014 Harvest


2016 Harvest