Nevo Winery

Tours and wine tastings

A tour and wine tasting at the Nevo Winery in the Judean Hills is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Visitors will be introduced to the best wines available the day of the tour, even if the wine is so newly available that the bottles don’t have labels yet!

The tour begins in the fermentation room and takes visitors through the wine cellar to the visitors center and tasting room, welcoming everyone to experience the story, the land and the ingredients which constitute Nevo Winery.

This is an especially rewarding experience in the summer, considering Nevo’s wine cellar is housed in the former bomb shelter, preserving both the history and a consistently comfortable temperature… a welcome respite from the infamous Israeli heat.

Visitors progress from the wine cellar across the outdoor deck, adorned with wine barrels and a working tabun (traditional Middle Eastern outdoor oven), into the tasting room. There, after Nevo personally greets his guests, each wine is paired thoughtfully with locally sourced (kosher) handmade baguettes and fine hard cheeses, accompanied by olive oil pressed onsite from the winery’s gnarled, stately olive grove. The rustic tasting room and visitor center was built by hand; Nevo and his family invested in every single detail of the atmosphere from the outdoor tables to the bar which was carefully constructed to house his precious wine.

A Nevo Winery tasting is an authentic opportunity to envelop oneself in the flavor of the Judean Hills, where the ancient way of life has met a modern and delectable renewal.

Tours and tastings can accommodate couples, families, or small groups of up to 60 people. They are given in Hebrew or English; other languages can be arranged upon request.